Our exhibitions explore themes that translate across disciplines and stimulate creative thinking and debate. We are committed to making a link between art and science as scientists and artists are often fascinated by the same phenomenon, pre-occupied with similar fundamental questions about the nature of things  and challenged by the same complex dilemmas. There are few places better to explore the relationships between art and science than in the city of Cambridge, UK, know both for its world class university and as a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. We aim to curate a space where art and science not only collide but fuse to generate synergies and complementarities. In this aim we are supported by Cambridge Systems Associates, an innovative company which finds solutions by drawing on interdisciplinary research with a healthy disregard for traditional boundaries.

Our other aim is to provide a space for the exhibitions which promote cultural exchange and understanding. In this mission we are working with the UK registered charity, Russian Arts Help, which for over 15 years has supported young and emerging artists and musicians.


Amongst their activities, the charity organizes an important annual art competition with submissions from artists across the vast geographic region of Russia and which is judged by leading scholars, academicians and practitioners of the Russian Art. The charity has launched the careers of a number world-class artists and musicians and has a reputation for discovering hidden talent. It provides a forum for first-time exposure in the capital city of Moscow and further opportunities for life-changing educational trips abroad. Through turbulent political, economic and cultural times the charity has remained entirely independent, free from political affiliations. The charity is reliant almost entirely on volunteers and under unwavering direction of its President, Olga Nikolaevna Adamishina, has proven to be an important source of support for the arts. We are proud to work with Russian Arts Help and feel that it allows us to present emerging talent of the highest quality to the public while fostering inter-cultural understanding and appreciation.

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