Vladimir Chayka

October 2010

About the exhibition

Vladimir Chayka is the founder of the “Bon-ART” movement whose underlying philosophy is the promotion of a compassionate aesthetic where the artist accepts responsibility for their impact on society. In line with his aesthetic philosophy, Chayka’s paintings evoke bright and joyful remembrances of happy places once seen. Chayka is a true colourist and brings an enchanted world to life through lyrical motifs and dreamlike scenes. The bold brushstrokes and unexpected colour combinations are begot from a refined and delicate understanding of space. Colour plays a role not only in the way it is placed on the canvas but also symbolically, exciting the senses and challenging preconceptions. The viewer flies over the world as if in a dream and is drawn into scenes which celebrate life, art and music demonstrating the artist’s uncompromising belief in the innate goodness of the world.

From the artist

“A moment comes when you need to look around and see new boundaries for developing your soul. You need to climb the rainbow, follow the echo back up to the belltower or the scudding clouds, and to shout out Sergey Yesenin’s words, “You only see the big picture from a distance!”


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